Covid-19 and Telehealth

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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how health care is delivered at our practice. In line with Department of Health guidelines we offer Telehealth consultations to keep everyone safe.

If you have a FEVER and/or an acute RESPIRATORY illness (sore throat/runny nose/cough/shortness of breath), you will need to be tested for Coronavirus and must NOT book a face to face consultation. You may book a Telehealth consultation during which our doctors will assess your symptoms over the phone and will advise if you are required to have a face to face consultation for an examination. If a face to face consultation is required then you must have tested negative for Covid-19.

Our practice does not offer coronavirus testing. See this link for available testing sites near you:

Telehealth consultations are also available for other simple problems where an examination is not required (routine prescriptions, to discuss results, routine referrals etc).

Covid-19 vaccinations – As at December 2022 our practice has started offering Covid-19 vaccines. Please review our appointment booking page for further information.